Thursday, January 26, 2012

When Headlines Lie

One of the ways in which the media displays its biases is in the headlines that they splash across the news.

Often you will find that the headline and the article don't seem to be related, or that the headline gives a very different impression of events than that which is related in the story.

Here is an example.  The headline is:
Cops: Man, 65, kills teen who knocks him off bicycle

This give the impression that some guy killed a teenage who knocked him off his bike, as if some random bump induced a fit of gun rage that left an innocent teen dead.

The actual facts are that three 15-16 year olds attempted to mug an elderly man, who drew his gun and shot two of them, killing one.

The assault victim was release by the police with no charges against him.  From this we can conclude that it was an act of self defense and that he possessed the firearm legally.  

49 states permit concealed carry of firearms

The reality here is that an attempt mugging was thwarted by a concealed carry firearm.  Or worse, for all we know the teens intended to beat or kill the old man.

The headline should have read: 
Man, 65, thwarts assault; kills teen in self-defense

The media go to great length to hide the facts or mislead you about what is actually happening in the world.  Don't believe everything you read.

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